Asbestos & Lead Testing



  • Homes built in 1982 or before need to be tested for Asbestos

  • Homes built in 1978 or before need to be tested for Lead

  • Commerical buildings must be tested for Asbestos regardless of the year built

  • Any structure greater than 4 units attached is regulated as a commercial facility and must be tested for Asbestos




SRS Testing Process

  • Customer call to schedule a time that best accommodates you to come to your property for testing.
  • Samples are taken to a fully accredited lab
  • As soon as we know results (positive or negative) a call will be made to you to inform you of the next step in the process.
  • An invoice will be sent to your insurance (if applicable) as well to yourself with an attachment of the full service Asbestos & Lead Survey and results.
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