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Certified Asbestos & Lead Remediation Services

Statewide Restoration Services offers abatement services for commercial & residential.​

​Asbestos abatement removes any dangerous asbestos containing materials that are at risk for releasing asbestos fibers into the air. Situations that create a need for asbestos remediation include upcoming renovations, demolition projects, fires and floods. If materials are damaged or deteriorating, they may release asbestos fibers and may become hazardous to anyone exposed through the air.

Lead can be found in interior and exterior paints or in plumbing materials. The presence or absence of lead in a building may have many health implications. Lead, once identified, becomes a health hazard to homeowners and a potential future liability for contractors responsible for the project. Abatement is necessary to ensure the safety of all parties as well as the health of the environment.

   SRS will help get your life back to normal quickly.   Our EPA Certified Technicians are here to help!

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