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Packout Services

Your possessions are precious; let us protect them!

In the event that the interior of your home has sustained severe damage, a “contents pack-out” may be recommended as a part of our emergency service procedures. This is the term we use to describe the process of transferring your household contents to Statewide Restoration's secure and climate controlled storage facility for the purpose of cleaning and deodorizing them. The contents pack-out procedure also ensures your belongings do not suffer any further smoke or water damage.

                                  The Pack-Out Process

The list below includes steps that are taken on a typical fire or water damage pack out. However, there are no standard pack outs because every loss has its own unique characteristics. Therefore, we will adapt the pack out in order to provide the most efficient and professional service to our customers.

  • The pack out of the residence or business will be documented by both photo and video. This allows us to have documentation of contents and furniture to ensure that items are returned back to their original location once repairs are completed.

  • Essential items such as clothing, medications, eyeglasses, pet items, etc. should be identified prior to the start of the pack out.

  • Other important items that we suggest you keep separate from the pack out are: cash, checkbooks, credit cards, jewelry, personal documents, medications, personal weapons and valuable collections such as coins and stamps.

  • We will then address any items requiring special handling such as: family heirlooms, art, photos, area rugs, sentimental and/or work related items. We work with the most reputable experts in their field to ensure your items are restored back to their pre-loss condition.

  • Heavy Duty moving industry boxes, packing materials and supplies are used to pack the contents and protect the furniture goods in transport, as well as in storage.

  • The restoration process of damaged goods and furniture items will then begin. This includes cleaning, deodorization, and repairs. At the conclusion of the process these items will be repacked or re-wrapped for storage.

  • Items that we are unable to restore will be documented as not salvageable. We will not dispose of any items without approval.

  • Items that we are unable to restore will be listed, documented and stored, if necessary.

  • All items are placed into secure storage vaults until the repairs or reconstruction is completed, at which time can be moved back into the home or business.









           What differentiates Statewide Restoration Services?

Our pack out team will treat your personal belongings as if it were their own. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the process from start to finish, including any paperwork necessary for insurance claims.

Here is what you can expect from SRS Pack-out Services:


  • Bar Code Scanning and Labeling of Inventory

  • Full digital photo documentation of all contents

  • Matterport Pro 2 camera system

  • Sealed chambers for smoke/odor damaged items

    Temperature controlled Ozone chambers for smoke/odor damaged items

  • Climate controlled storage year round to prevent heat damage

    Prompt restoration and return of essential household goods

  • Available partial return of specific personal property for special requests​


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